Annie Haslam – Annie In Wonderland


This is a legendary album that truly deserves the description legendary.

‘Annie In Wonderland’ is the debut solo album by Renaissance vocalist Annie Haslam. It was produced by and features the equally legendary Roy Wood.

The cover artwork sums up the music perfectly; it really is magical, when you listen you really will go down a music rabbit hole.

For instance, the song ‘If I Were Made of Music’ is just to timeless and beautiful and the production of this track, and indeed the entire album, is faultless.

Annie has one of the all-time great voices, so sincere and beautiful. For instance, her renderings of ‘If I Loved You’ and ‘Going Home’ could melt the heart of a stone.

I’ve already used the phrase timeless and it’s worth repeating, for this album could have been recorded yesterday of fifty years ago, it’s just so fresh and heartfelt that while people have hearts to listen with, it will always have an audience.

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Annie Haslam: Annie In Wonderland, Remastered CD EditionAnnie Haslam

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10.0 Rating

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