Blackthorne – We Won’t Be Forgotten: The Blackthorne Anthology


Rainbow’s ‘Down To Earth’ is one of the classic hard rock albums. The vocalist from that album was a certain Graham Bonnet, who would go on to sing with MSG and Alcatrazz. Bonnet formed Blackthorne with Bob Kulick, who over the years had worked with Meat Loaf and Kiss, so Blackthorne were very much a supergroup. And indeed, their music would have been very popular in the ‘80s, it being hard rock of the highest calibre.

And therein lay the problem, grunge was huge in the 90s and 80s hard rock most certainly was not, and Blackthorne disbanded after releasing one album.

Thirty of the tracks in this collection have never been released before and will be of great interest to fans of Bonnet and Kulick. And of particular interest to fans of Rainbow are versions of ‘All Night Long’ and ‘Since You’ve Been Gone’.

An interesting piece of hard rock history!

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Blackthorne: We Won’t Be Forgotten: The Blackthorne Anthology, 3CD Remastered Boxset EditionBlackthorne

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