The Mystery of Edwin Drood by Pete Orford

Charles Dickens’ Unfinished Novel and Our Endless Attempts To End It

Published by Pen & Sword History

Charles Dickens dies on the 9th of June 1870, halfway through the writing of The Mystery of Edwin Drood.

From that point onward, a great many writers have attempted to finish Drood.

This fine book tells the tale of these many attempts though as the author rightfully notes:

“That Dickens left his final book unfinished need not be a source of frustration, but the ultimate parting word from an author who built his career on his relationship with his reading public …”

As always, Pen & Sword have done a fine job with the illustrations, particularly the highly original work of Alys Jones.

A fine book for anyone with an interest in Dickens in general and Drood in particular.

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