The Residents – God In Three Persons

It’s fair to say that there isn’t another album like this in existence. Originality, as well as Frank Zappa, is indeed the mother of invention. ‘God In Three Persons’ is a concept album  – nay, more like a novel with music –telling the tale of the relationship between a pair of androgynous Siamese twins and the cowboy who loves them.

It is impossible in a review to do justice to the huge number of themes this album covers; suffice to say, every listener will have their own interpretations.

The music is excellent – again, it sounds like no one else, but always compelling and interesting.

As always, Cherry Red have provided great value over three CDs, with the original album joined by rarities, instrumentals and demos.

A truly unique and compelling album.

The Residents: God In Three Persons – 3CD pREServed EditionResidents (The)

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