Perspectives on Stephen King

Perspectives on Stephen King book coverConversations with Authors, Experts and Collaborators

By Andrew J. Rausch

Published by McFarland

This is a really great idea for a book. As one of the interviewees, Joe R. Lansdale says: “A lot of people coming along now don’t remember or understand the impact that Stephen King had on, not only popular fiction, but on fiction itself. He actually changed the way books were published after that, both negatively and positively. . . . It’s been many years since he first impacted the publishing industry and he’s still going strong. And that voice is what carried him through.”

With over more than 350 million books sold, and with much of his work adapted into films and TV series, people know who King is.

In this book the author interviews those who know King best, and it’s thoroughly interesting, with King emerging as a genuinely nice, as well as talented person.

Recommended for all King fans.

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