Full of Hell & Primitive Man @ Velvet Underground

June 11, 2019 – Toronto

It’s been exactly a year since Full of Hell graced the stage at Velvet Underground with their presence, and this time, they brought doom experts Primitive Man along with them. Having just released the very successful album Weeping Choir, you could tell fans were excited to hear these new songs played live for the first time.

Frontman Dylan Walker immediately got the crowd going by mentioning that the Toronto Raptors (who were on the verge of winning their first NBA championship) had lost the previous night and I wouldn’t have expected anything less. Having seen them a few times now I’ve noticed that he likes having a little fun with his audiences before they start playing and in between songs.

After Walker paced around the stage a few times gripping the mic in his hand, the band went into “Burning Myrrh”, the opening track from Weeping Choir. Just like that the energy on stage exploded into pure chaos. Walker was frantically running all over the stage and screaming in the faces of audience members like he was possessed. The song ends in a very haunting and tribal way with just the vocals and drums syncing together with what sounds like a church bell.

The band sounded better than ever, and they seem to have really taken big steps in honing their sound since the last time they played in Toronto. Especially on an older song like “Amber Mote” you can really see how much they’ve improved.

After running through roughly thirteen songs they wrapped up their set and left the audience including me very satisfied and almost exhausted from the beating we had just taken. My ears were ringing long into the night and it was well worth it.