Yawning Man – The Revolt Against Tired Noises

I’m kicking myself here! I’m a “big” stoner rock guy but I’ve never really listened to Yawning Man that much. I know of them but just never got around to spending much time with them until now. I have been missing out! What you won’t be missing out on is vocals. OK, two songs have vocals. One is “Catamaran”, a song originally conceived by Yawning Man but made famous by Kyuss and now properly recorded by its originators. Yawning Man is known for their instrumental nature though and that is just fine.

On new album The Revolt Against Tired Noises the desert rock legends weave through eight tracks of beautiful psychedelia. The rhythm section of drummer Bill Stinson and bassist Mario Lalli hold things down while guitarist Gary Arce paints frescos of sound across a multi-hued sky bringing the wondrous nature of a desert sunset to the ears.

The melodies are entrancing and easy to get lost in. Keys and strings sometimes join the fun too. It’s such an easy listen. Not boring. Easy. It can be tough to maintain interest without vocals but when a band can take them or leave them and still keep the listener locked in you know they’re good. The vocals don’t intrude but they aren’t necessary. Sometimes the best moments in life are those that don’t require words.

Revolt can seem like a journey. A journey though without going anywhere. The trip is all in your mind. You’ll spend all your time basking in the glow of this excellently crafted escape from harsh realities. It’s the kind of chill, relaxing distraction from the noise of the modern world that makes music so addicting.

Fans of desert rock in general have to dig this, right? Especially those who like Karma to Burn, Colour Haze, Earthless, etc. Just give yourself some time, get comfy, partake is some herbal remedies and let Yawning Man do the rest. No harsh. I promise.

Released July 6, 2018 on Heavy Psych Sounds Records


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