The Making of Tombstone by John Farkis

Behind The Scenes of the Classic Modern Western

I love Westerns and Tombstone is one of my all-time favourites. It doesn’t hurt that it stars John Carpenter’s acting alter-ego Kurt Russell. I do hope that one day John and Kurt go the whole hog and actually do a Western together. After Escape From New York, the two nearly did a Western called El Diablo, which was eventually made as a TV movie and is well worth tracking down.

Hats off to John Farkis for the sheer amount of time, work and energy he put into his book, I would love it if McFarland published more books like this.

Incidentally, Farkis includes a great quote from Mark Twain which I will share with you: “The researches of many commentators have already thrown much darkness on this subject, and it is probable that, if they continue, we shall soon know nothing at all about it.”

The level of detail in this book is phenomenal, but John also knows how to tell the story in a most engaging manner. I won’t spoil the book but I couldn’t put it down; every page has something of interest in it. I also like the way John reveals the true historical facts behind the story as well.

So, to conclude, a high standard for film books has been set here. And John, I would love to see you do a book on Big Trouble In Little China – now there’s a film that deserves your talents!

Published by McFarland,

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