Minors – Abject Bodies


After seeing Minors about a year ago with Primitive Man and Spectral Voice in Toronto, I quickly grew deeply in love with these guys. Their first record, Atrophy, was simply perfect and when I heard they were doing a new album I was immediately excited. Minors are a powerviolence group from Windsor, Ontario that are making huge strides so early on in their career.

Abject Bodies is more disgusting, louder, heavier, faster and bloodcurdling than their last record and it seems like the boys really have settled in to their own unique style; it shows on Abject Bodies on every track. Metal really doesn’t make me uncomfortable anymore but anytime I throw on Minors, they succeed in making me feel levels of discomfort I don’t regularly feel from music and I absolutely love it.

This album is fast, demanding and unrelenting. It looks to bring out the evils within you that you’ve buried for a long time. Simply put, this record is another masterpiece from these guys. Put it on and turn it up loud because if you plan on going deaf from music, you should let Minors do it to you.


9.0 Rating