Gypsy Chief Goliath – Masters of Space and Time


Album number four from this long-running Southern Ontario heavy rock outfit sees Gypsy Chief Goliath take a slightly spacier approach. This sextet’s latest lineup includes three guitars as well as keyboards… just don’t call ‘em Hawkwind or anything.

Masters… begins with “City of Ghosts,” and its melodic, bluesy, keyboard-accented riff that brings the likes of Uncle Acid to mind. Verses are more laid-back and organ-driven, leading up to a jaunty, stop-start chorus that implores you to give death—not peace—a chance. “Highway Man” does have a bit of a space-rock backbeat that kicks in around the two-minute mark, and “Low Cost of Living High” has a very 70’s vibe… something with Joe Walsh in it, perhaps.

“Stranger Desires” is most reminiscent of the heavy rock fare of their previous effort, with guitar harmonies aplenty, while “Into the Sun” displays the type of funky boogie rock that Clutch made famous, albeit with some more progressive leanings within its six and a half minutes. Might not file this one under “metal,” but if the “New Wave of Classic Rock” is actually a thing, then this record could fit nicely under there.

(Kozmik Artifactz)

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7.5 Rating