The Spiritual Meaning of the Sixties by Tobias Churton

The Magic, Myth and Music of the Decade That Changed The World

Without doubt, as I have said before, and indeed, hope to say again in the future, any book by Tobias Churton is a special event. For instance, his books on Aleister Crowley are, without doubt, the most important books written on the Master Therion, and I hope Thomas will write further volumes on one of the 20th century’s most influential and original thinkers.

As I write this review, History Channel is about to broadcast a major series on 1968, so the 60s is as relevant a subject as ever and long may it remain so.

It is impossible to do justice to this book in a review. Suffice it to say the scope of the book is only eclipsed by the insights and observations of its author.

If you only ever read one book on the Sixties, make it this one.

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