Sofy Major – Total Dump


What do you do when a French noise rock outfit shits on you? Such is the question posed by Total Dump, the fourth album from Clermont-Ferrand’s Sofy Major. Well, if you’re a fan of the mid-90’s Melvins, Big Business and a bit of Unsane on the side, you would eat it all up!

The title track kicks off this 40-minute effort, falling somewhere between King Buzzo and company and the more melodic “sludge pop” of Torche. “Giant Crush Crash” ups the aggression in a 2:20 number more akin to Unsane, before the mellower, yet slightly unsettling “Cream It” brings back the grunge flashbacks, albeit with a slight French accent.

For those who like the acerbic humour often associated with noise rock, there is no shortage of gems here, from the Big Business melodic sludge of “The Jerk” to the one-two punch of “Shinny Happy Asshole” and the sombre “Frankly Butthole” through to the unpleasantly groovy diagnosis of “Tumor-o-rama.”

Please monsieur, can I have some more?

(Corpse Flower Records)

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7.5 Rating