Iron Maiden: Album By Album by Martin Popoff

This is the best book ever published about Iron Maiden! For the following reasons:

First, Martin Popoff is a great music writer, especially for our beloved genre of HEAVY METAL (say it loud we should be proud!), combining true knowledge and insight with an ability to tell a story and write genuinely engaging text.

Secondly, as well as expressing his own opinion, Martin has also interviewed many interesting people from the world of music, such as Nita Strauss of Alice Cooper’s band (and of The Iron Maidens! Could someone please re-release their album as I would like to buy it!), Ahmet Zappa, the mighty Brian Slagel, Mike Portnoy, Chris Jericho (very smart fellow indeed, some great insights on Maiden, Blaze Bayley, Booby ‘Blitz’ Ellsworth (those first four Overkill albums are killer!), Marty Friedman, and Matt Heafy.

It’s like sitting in on the best pub conversation about Maiden.

Thirdly, this is obviously not an officially-sanctioned Iron Maiden book; it does not follow the gospel of Rod Smallwood. Thus, you get a diverse array of opinions, not all of which you will agree with but all of which will make you think.

Finally, the design and layout of this book is superb!

An absolute must for Iron Maiden fans.

Published by Voyageur Press:

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