I’m A Freak Baby 2

I’m A Freak 2 Baby: A Further Journey through The British Heavy Psych & Hard Rock Underground Scene 1968-73, Various Artists 3CD CLAMSHELL Boxset

A Further Journey Through The British Heavy Psych and Hard Rock Underground Scene 1968-73

I didn’t hear the first volume of this series which is a shame as it is brilliant; it’s like a proto-metal box set for ‘Life On Mars’. It is a veritable musical time machine, aural archaeology spread over three splendid discs.

The forty page booklet is a thing of beauty and joy in itself. It would make a great book of expanded content. (Cherry Red take note, there is a fine idea for you!)

If I were to go through every single track on this box set, this would be a far too long review, so I’ll concentrate on a few personal favourites to give you a taste of it.

‘Guts’ by Welsh proto-metallers Budgie is an important track. Budgie are an important band. Metallica covered ‘Crash Course In Brain Surgery’ and ‘Breadfan’ with good reason (and should do more – I can see them making a decent job of ‘I Turned To Stone’ off ‘Nightflight’). I have to add that a box set on CD and vinyl of Budgie’s albums would be a splendid idea for Cherry Red.

Also featured is ‘Horse’ by Sam Gopal, which featured a certain Lemmy Kilmister in the line-up, and where would be world of music be without him, I shudder to ask?

There is an awesome demo of ‘Fire’ by The Crazy World of Arthur Brown.

Other gems include ‘Bullet’ by the splendidly named Sinister Minister, ‘Shapes of Things’ by Jeff Beck, ‘Freelance Fiend’ by Leaf Hound and much more besides!

I can’t recommend this box set enough, and so many of these bands deserve to have their full-lengths released on CD and vinyl. Again, Cherry Red take note!

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