Domkraft – Flood


There has been no shortage of powerful Swedish power trios – think Truckfighters, or Monolord. But while continuing in the Swedish tradition, Stockholm three-piece Domkraft comes off as a cross between Lowrider and Neurosis. Apparently, you don’t need seven people in your band to play progressive stoner/sludge?

Flood, their sophomore album, opens with “Landslide,” a sprawling, 10-minute epic that will have fans of Monolord nodding their heads in approval. “The Watchers” tacks on a meatier riff to a pretty straightforward, sub-five-minute track, with soaring, gruffer upper-register vocals in the Scott Kelly vein. “Flood” rushes in with a trippy stoner-doom riff akin to Sleep, Yob or Zoroaster, before the wah pedal takes over, ushering in a spacey, psychedelic vibe.

“Sandwalker” contains the hypnotic, heavy droning properties of early OM, with some swirling psychedelics thrown in for good measure, while “Octopus” covers similar terrain before “Dead Eyes, Red Skies” ends things on an airy, bluesy, spacey note. They’re not reinventing the riff here, but they play ‘em pretty good.

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7.5 Rating