The Great Sabatini – Goodbye Audio


On the surface this is a well-recorded and played album of Melvins-inspired music. However, what sets it apart is the fact that the songs are strong. If they were to be played acoustically they would still work – the sign always of a good song. Moreover, the band have their own identity, and I can see a lot of music fans warming to this. Definitely a band that deserves to be better known.

(No List Records)

Released November 16, 2018.

The Great Sabatini is:


Organ on Hand of Unmaking by Patrick Bennett
Vocals on Dog Years by Mskwaankwad Manoominii
Backing vocals by Matthew Fleming and Mskwaankwad

Cover photography and graphic assistance by Marisa Parisella
Custom toys and art direction by Seany
Custom toy out lace underwear by Michael Shantz
Band photography by Dave Levitt
Borrowed gear and moral support by Marc Bourgon

Physical copies of Goodbye Audio:

Cassette version available through Pink Lemonade Records.

Vinyl available through Ancient Temple Recordings, No Why Records and No List Records.

Upcoming shows:

Nov 22 – Pressed Cafe, Ottawa, ON
Nov 23 – Le Murdoch, Sherbrooke, QC
Nov 24 – Turbo Haus – Bar Loic, Montreal, QC

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7.0 Rating