Space Sirens, Scientists and Princesses by Dean Conrad

Nowadays, women are rightly a central part of science fiction films, but it was not always so. In early science fiction films women were usually assistants, eye candy, or there to give the square-jawed male hero someone to save from the flying killer bots from the planet Zog!

Space Sirens, Scientists and Princesses [book cover]

Compare, for example, Forbidden Planet (entertaining though it still is, not least of all for Robbie The Robot) with The Matrix Trilogy, or Mad Max: Fury Road, to see how far we have come.

Speaking of the splendid Mad Max: Fury Road, one of my all time favourite films… Coming out of the cinema from seeing it for the first time (though not the last by any stretch of the imagination), I commented that Mad Max: Fury Road was the first feminist post-apocalypse action movie blockbuster (I said as much in my Hellbound film review). I also commented that George Miller had clearly read Joseph Campbell’s The Hero With A Thousand Faces, something he subsequently confirmed in an interview.

Conrad covers more than 650 films, and truly has produced a titanic and important work.

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