Transmaniacon – The Strange World of Suzie Pellet

This a concept album telling the Furiosa-esque tale of a street survivor named Suzie Pellet in a dystopian future world. The concept is the brainchild of Ian Miller, a very talented writer and artist; indeed, if he were to do this concept as a graphic novel he would be well able to both write and illustrate it to the standard it deserves. An impressive achievement for any creator!

You could rightly say that Ian has the same role with the mighty Transmaniacon that Michael Moorcock had with Blue Oyster Cult and Hawkwind – not coincidentally, two bands Transmaniacon share much in common with. Musical virtuosity combined with an imaginative ability for creation…

I really loved Transmaniacon’s The Darkening Plain but this truly is a step beyond that. The band feel more special than ever. Lydia Lunch does a superb job as the older Suzie, giving depth and timeless pathos to her contributions. Maya Berlin does a fine job as the younger Suzie.

To conclude, I feel a far wider audience should know of Transmaniacon. They are a secret that shouldn’t be a secret, and they would appeal to a wide variety of music lovers, especially fans of B.O.C, Mastodon and Hawkwind. There’s great intelligence among those riffs!

(New Heavy Sounds)

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