Infernal Coil – Within a World Forgotten


Idaho based grinding death metallers Infernal Coil release their debut full-length project on September 28 via Profound Lore Records. For the past two years now, Infernal Coil has been releasing some of the most terrifying death metal and this new record, Within a World Forgotten, is no exception.

This record spans just over thirty-five minutes in length and is some of the most hectic, hellish and brooding death metal they’ve ever written. Crusher of the Seed, the third track, is a bloody mess of blast beats, tremolo picking and the perfect sample, similar to something Leviathan (US) might throw in. Death metal records that are as intense as this one usually fail to capture the atmospheric aspect of it, truly dragging the listener into the bands interpretation of hell, literal or metaphorical. Infernal Coil captures this with the quiet time, the time when everything falls silent and all you hear is the whine of the guitar and they grab you buy the throat and pull you down. Some excellent vocals, instrumentation and production all go hand in hand here, making this record a standout of not only their career but this year in death metal as a whole.

Infernal Coil succeed where others often fail, in distinguishing themselves and writing some extremely original music. This record is definitely not for the timid, but those of you who truly seek to be haunted by the music you listen to will find this record to be absolutely beautiful in the bleakness of it all. After hearing their previous two EPs, it’s clear Infernal Coil have improved on their weaknesses and perfected their devilish craft.

9.0 Rating