Scorched – Ecliptic Butchery


If you haven’t heard of the death metal wizards of Scorched before, you’re going to want to turn your ear towards them as they are about to release one of the greatest death metal records of the last ten years. In just over a month, they’ll release their second full-length record entitled, Ecliptic Butchery, on 20 Buck Spin Records and you’re going to be blown away by the sheer monster of a record they’ve conjured up.

From the precision of the tremolo picking, to the crushing blast beats, the whining guitars and terrifying vocals, this is one of the most multi-faceted death metal records to ever be released. Reminiscent of Disma’s debut record, Towards the Megalith, this new Scorched record may sound distinctly similar, but it is completely unique in its own way. Every single track on this record is so different, wonderfully epic and completely horrifying. Every single riff sounds different where you can stop and think about how much effort they put into this record to make it stand out from all other death metal records of this variety. Some standout tracks from this record include “Blood Splatter Eclipse”, “Astral Savior”, “Mortuary of Nightmares” and “Barbarous Experimentation”.

Besides some minor transitional issues between some songs, this record shines in every aspect, especially pace and length. Surprises are around every corner with this record and you would be doing yourself a disservice letting this beauty pass you by. Scorched have reached the pinnacle of quality so early in their career where it’s easy to see that every record that follows this one will only be bigger, better and more terrifying. Go give this thing a listen, pre-order and tell the guys from Scorched that they’ve killed it.

For Fans Of: Tomb Mold, Disma, Mortuous, Genocide Pact

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9.0 Rating