Integrity & Krieg Split


Integrity and Krieg join up for a brutal, crushing split following the release of Integrity’s critically acclaimed 2017 album, Howling, For the Nightmare Shall Consume. The split, running 23 minutes in length, serves to provide an even balance of metalcore and black metal. The Integrity half is definitely hardcore and is more of what we heard on their previous full-length, which isn’t a bad thing in the slightest but the Krieg half is where the split takes a darker, more malevolent turn.

While Integrity provides a briskly paced portion, I feel that all of their songs have very similar compositions making it difficult to tell the songs apart and make them memorable.

Krieg on the other hand, provides a terrifying, epic and beautiful split this time around that I cannot get enough of. Black metal, for the most part, sounds either like second wave Norwegian black metal or something in the vain of Spectral Voice, but Krieg differentiates themselves in production and instrumentation as well as vocal style. Krieg even features one live recorded song on this thing called “The Sick Wings Stir the Cold Dawn” off of their 2006 record, The Black House and it’s quite the track. Krieg actually doesn’t present a single bad or average track on this split.

Overall, this is a pretty solid split, especially if you love Integrity. You get lots of familiar sounding Integrity and a super epic black metal portion from Krieg. Definitely worth a buy/listen/stream or spin.

Most notable tracks: Integrity – Sons of Satan / Krieg – All Tracks

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Aug 08 Budapest, HU Durer Kert
Aug 09 Vienna, AT Wien Arena
Aug 10 Warsaw, PL Poglos
Aug 11 Jaromer, CZ Brutal Assault 2018
Aug 12 Vagos, PT Vagos Metal Fest
Aug 17 Las Vegas, NV Psycho Las Vegas 2018

8.0 Rating