The Raz – The Raz

Good music is always timeless music and such is the case with the music made by the splendidly named The Raz. Their self-titled debut could have been recorded at any time in the last fifty years (which I mean as the highest compliment). Their musicianship is very strong and the band gel together well, giving them a very organic sound. They are clearly a band who, as Jack Burton in Big Trouble in Little China might say, have “paid their dues” (“The cheque is in the mail”).

The songs of The Raz are excellent and a pleasure to listen it; it’s as though their songs have always been there. The production and mixing are excellent too. And I love the artwork by Josh Wiley, it really fits the music, and it shows a righteous commitment to the physical form of music.

All in all, anyone who appreciates good rock music will love this.

Rockshots Records

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