Satyricon live in Toronto, 23 May 2018

I saw Satyricon for the first and last time in Toronto on May 23rd and it was one of the best shows I’ve ever been to in my life. All the openers were amazing (Panzerfaust and Goatwhore especially) and led up perfectly to Satyricon’s set. Even as a fairly new Satyricon fan, only having listened to Nemesis Divina (1996), Now, Diabolical (2006) and Deep Calleth Upon Deep (2017), I still knew almost every track they played.

Satyricon at the Opera House

Their set was split into three mini-sets, and during the first twothey played almost all tracks from the latest album. The latter was dedicated to older tracks from the first few albums and they sounded equally as good. It was a real treat to see Frost (ex-Gorgoroth drummer), to listen to Satyr’s different vocal ranges and see his captivating stage presence. Satyr interacted with the crowd throughout the performance and everyone was enjoying it very much. He said that he would love to have everyone over to Norway for more shows.

It makes me a bit sad when I see a group’s last show in my area but at least with Satyricon I only have to fly overseas. What an amazing show. The way I discovered Satyricon was seeing  Live with the Oslo Opera and hopefully that’s something they’ll do again because I would definitely go overseas for that. It’s been nice, Satyricon. Here’s hoping they release more music in the near future!