Crossfaith in Wiesbaden, 15 June 2018

The series of the toughest pits to step into for photography continues. Sweat all over the lens, intense moshing and rarely a chance to get the camera above the heads of all the fans that rocked the Schlachthof venue in Wiesbaden on Friday, the 15th of May. The band was Japanese, and it was intense – it was one of a kind show that Crossfaith put on. And when I say one of a kind, I do actually point out the style the band adopts. While Japanese electro metalcore might not be everybody’s cup of tea, Crossfaith certainly know how to put on a phenomenal show.

It’s tracks like “Omen” where the band pulls a Slipknot style ‘everybody get down then jump the fuck up’ show trick or “Wildfire” where the band manages to get the entire room to strip off their shirts and swing them around. That kind of command and energy deserves a lot of respect, and it’s probably why Crossfaith have propelled themselves to exponential fame in European market.

The setlist contained songs from their two EPs Zion and Freedom as well as from the studio albums Xeno and Apocalyze. They also delighted the public with an encore and an impressive drum solo. This solo gradually worked up to a speed of insanity, making sure to showcase the drummer’s incredible talent, particularly whilst drumming one-handed and spinning a drumstick in the other.

It was an outstanding evening and I have to admit, now I want to visit Japan more than ever before and check out more of their metal scene. Let the pictures do more talking about the night!