AMATEUR CONCERT PHOTOGRAPHY HOUR: BRUJERIA/Dayglo Abortions @ Opera House, June 16, 2018

You probably know me as a doom metal guy, but both of these bands are guilty pleasures for me. I’ll always associate the Dayglo Abortions with now-defunct Queen St punk bar The Kathedral, where they shared many a stage with the 3Tards back in the day. (I’m pretty sure the last show I saw there had the Dayglos headlining.) And I first heard Brujeria’s La raza odiada in high school–it taught me a few words that I didn’t learn in Spanish class.

I actually went down to Cleveland to see Brujeria in 2016, back when their “Viva Presidente Trump!” t-shirts were kinda considered as a joke. But now, they’ve been touring a lot more often since he got elected, including their first ever Canadian gigs this month. Man, these guys even played Timmins the other night. Timmins!

As the main supporting act, I was expecting a slightly longer set from the Dayglos. In fact, I think I missed about half of it. But I still arrived in time to hear “I Killed Mommy,” “Scared of People” and “Black Sabbath”–they actually prefaced the former with another tune called “I Love My Mom,” for what that’s worth…

Brujeria had a stripped-down stage show compared to their 2016 tour. There was no Trump impersonator this time around, no Pititis on backing vocals, and no Shane Embury–the grindcore legend, who played guitar on most of their studio albums, and bass on their last tour, was notably absent. But they did have more rabid fans out at this one–there was even a spirited “Me-xi-co, Me-xi-co” chant as they took the stage.

The setlist was fairly similar, culling most heavily from La raza odiada, as well as 2000’s Brujerizmo and their comeback record, Pocho Aztlan. More groove metal than grind, but fans of their second record–myself included–would not be disappointed.


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