Shadygrove – In The Heart of the Scarlet Woods

As we see with the surprising and pleasing success of artists like Myrkur, our beloved metal genre is becoming ever more diverse. More and more artists are returning to the past, like aural archaeologists, to the primordial musical wellspring for inspiration. Shadygrove have an acoustic heaviness that can only come from the heart and soul: it is ethereal, eternal, much there while there are people with ears and hearts to hear it.

Our world has become increasingly unreal: Facebook “friends”, so-called “Social” Media, fake news – so the fact that Shadygrove’s music is organic and heartfelt is a very good thing, indeed. After all, in the same way one needs real friends, one needs real music.

Singer Lissy Stefanoni is Shadygrove’s secret weapon, this lady has a truly unique and beautiful voice.

Fans of Myrkur, Crumbling Ghost, Jethro Tull, Blackmore’s Night, Primordial, Cruachan, and Negura Bunget will love this fine album.

(Rockshots Records)

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