Wrong – Feel Great


When a noise-rock record is called Feel Great, you know it’s probably being used ironically. The sophomore effort from this Florida outfit offers little in the way of positive vibes or uplifting feelings throughout its 11-track, 30-minute runtime.

“Errordome” kicks off this effort with some chunky, gurgling slowcore à la Unsane, throwing in a few stop-start riffs for good measure. “Culminate” slows things down slightly, offering up a ground-and-pound attack, more akin to Prong. The mid-tempo stomp of “Pustule” ends in a swirl of distorted feedback, while “Nice Job” offers more of a grungy feel a la AIC.

As expected, the title track falls on the gloomier side, a slower number somewhere between the Melvins and Unsane. Although the chorus is somewhat uplifting, I suppose. And “Come Apart Mind” almost sounds like pop punk or old-school emo(!?) Definitely did not see that one coming! Conversely, “Zero Cool” ends with the sound of someone being flogged. Ouch.

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7.5 Rating