Tunguska Mammoth song premiere: Phénix

In setting up his review of Breathless, the soon-to-be released new album from Tunguska Mammoth, Hellbound’s Gruesome Greg remarked on the fitting resonance between the Quebec band’s name and the music they make:

“Combining a large prehistoric beast with the site of a massive natural explosion makes for quite a powerful moniker; in the case of Montreal’s Tunguska Mammoth, their heavy stoner/sludge sound lives up to it. Their Deathbound Records debut offers eight tracks in just shy of 46 minutes, and leaves a few extinct creatures in its wake.”

Now, in the lead up to the album’s May 11 release date via Deathbound Records, Hellbound has the pleasure of premiering one of those eight tracks.

“Phénix” by Tunguska Mammoth


On “Phénix” – from the band:

“Phénix was the first song we wrote following the release of our first album and it does not differ much from its original shape, even after years of rehearsal. It is a fast paced, aggressive and raw song. You can really feel the intensity from the beginning to the end, with the closing solo and voice tracks sharing the spotlight. Originally written for the band Lumberjack by Paolo, the lyrics were in English at first but Maxime insisted on having a number of songs in French on the album. Phoenix became Phénix and was translated accordingly.”

Tunguska Mammoth is

A heavy stoner/sludge four-piece from Montreal, Québec, featuring:

Maxime Bellerose – Vocals + Guitar
Mathieu Savage – Guitar
Paolo Di Stefano – Bass
Pierre-Hugues Rondeau – Drums

Tunguska Mammoth formed in 2010, released an EP in 2011 (First Chapters) their first (self-titled) full length in 2013, and they’re set to release their second full-length album, Breathless, via Deathbound Records on May 11, 2018 (pre-order).

Cover by Maxime Bellerose and Paolo Di Stefano


Gruesome Greg’s full review of Breathless: www.hellbound.ca/2018/04/tunguska-mammoth-breathless.

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