My Silent Wake – There Was Death

My Silent Wake play the genre of metal known as death/doom, a genre I believe is slowly picking up in popularity. The music is slow, emotional, weighty, heavy as a dwarf star. Heavy not just in the sense of riffs, but in emotion and depth.

Two bands that form a good touchstone for this album, There Was Death, are Cathedral circa Forest of Equilibrium and Paradise Lost circa Gothic. There is the same fearless plumbing of the depths of human emotion and feeling, the same slow guttural heaviness.

Where My Silent Wake really sound different from the above bands are in their prominent use of keyboards; it really does give their sound a different dimension.

Minotauro have, as always, done a grand job with the physical packaging of the album – it really is worthy on a visual as well as musical basis.

Overall, a band who deserves to be heard.

(Minotauro Records) (UK) (North America)

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