In anticipation of the sixth album from the blackened thrash titans, Hellbound’s Danielle Griscti got the chance to ask a few questions of AURA NOIR’s Aggressor.

Hellbound: It’s been more than 20 years for Aura Noir, where do you keep finding the energy and inspiration to keep creating?

Because we only work with the music when we feel like it. We’d make an album every couple of years otherwise. This one’s taken 6 years more or less. It’s more pleasurable that way. Also the music becomes more important, it takes up your consciousness. If music was a job or a hobby, it wouldn’t be as important as it is, because it becomes the centre of everything when you do it because you have an urge to do it.

Hellbound: How did you enjoy the most recent tour, which included a date here in Toronto? 

It was good! I remember especially well that other city, Montreal. Plus a couple of other ones… Chicago, for example. Anyway, next time we’re coming over with a new album.

Hellbound: Tell us how the new album title, Aura Noire, came about.

Aggressor: I thought it would be obvious but people keep asking about that. Well, the words Aura Noir are kinda international…everybody knows what an Aura is and everybody knows what Noir means, but still the french complain… Now they’ll stop.

Hellbound: What are some events you can’t wait for in 2018?

Aggressor:  For me personally it’s Rally Finland, or do you mean for the band?! I guess playing on New Zealand (or is it AT New Zealand?) Yes, New Zealand.

Hellbound: Who are some of the acts you’d like to experience live, or play alongside?

For example Conrad Schnitzler. Or perhaps Carcass 2 months prior to the release of Symphonies of Sickness.

AURA NOIRE is out April 27th from Indie Recordings.


Aggressor – Bass, Vocals
Apollyon – Drums, Vocals
Blasphemer – Guitar


1996 – Black Thrash Attack
1998 – Deep Tracts of Hell
2004 – The Merciless
2008 – Hades Rise
2012 – Out To Die

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