AMATEUR CONCERT PHOTOGRAPHY HOUR: Uriah Heep @ The Phoenix, February 12, 2019

Man, talk about a blast from the past! On their way down to the Rock Legends IV Cruise, British prog-rock progenitors Uriah Heep did a whole buncha shows in Eastern Canada for the first time in a really long time, hitting Toronto on a chilly Monday night, and playing to a practically sold-out crowd…where the average age was well over 40. I actually know a couple people who brought their dads to this show–but Dad Rock, this was not!

Although they feature only one original member (guitarist Mick Box), these dudes are still no spring chickens, but they hardly show their age on stage, putting on an energetic, entertaining 90 minute set, plus one-song encore (“Easy Livin’,” natch!) And since they cater to an older crowd, I was actually home by 11–not that I’m complaining…

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