AMATEUR CONCERT PHOTOGRAPHY HOUR: The Skull plays Trouble @ Hard Luck, January 30, 2018

Trouble’s 1990 self-titled album has never been reissued, meaning that the only copies in existence are from the original American Recordings pressing. (Rick Rubin obviously doesn’t think they’d make him as much money as Danzig or Slayer–despite the CD selling for upwards of 30 bucks on Discogs.) So what do you do when your fans can’t get their hands on a reasonably priced copy of your classic album without paying shipping costs to the Russian Federation? Well, if you’re The Skull, an outfit featuring Trouble’s former frontman Eric Wagner and bassist Ron Holzner, who both played on said record, you bring the self-titled album to them.

Their new band, which also has guys who’ve played in Witch Mountain and Pentagram, ran through the self-titled from start to finish last night, before coming back and playing a few tunes of their own. Suffice to say, their new stuff sounds like Trouble, too…

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