Hellbound staff picks, January 2018

This year at Hellbound we’ve decided to revive an old tradition – our monthly staff picks/playlists! We’ve asked our regular and longtime contributors to weigh in on a few categories as follows (expect a few variations to our lists throughout the year, as well as some individual quirks and touches):

  • Listening to – an album, ep or song from the library shelves (a pick that is not new)
  • New release – a worthy album, ep or song released within the past couple of months
  • Live – a recently enjoyed live recording or gig
  • Non-metal – an album, ep or song of choice from the non-metal world
  • Wild card – a recommendation outside or beyond the above (any example of entertainment/infotainment/activity/cultural consumption/etc of note)

We hope you enjoy checking out our selections…

Hellbound recommends:


Listening to: Mighty High – Legalize Tre Bags (Ripple Music) – Fun, catchy stoner-themed punk rock record!

New release: Coffin Torture – Dismal Planet (Sludgelord Records)

Live: COC/EHG at the Opera House set the stage for 2018 for me. Looking forward to seeing The Skull plays Trouble s/t at Hard Luck and Uriah freakin’ Heap at The Phoenix in the coming weeks!

Non-metal: Chris Stapleton – Songs From A Room Vol. 1 (I still haven’t heard Vol. 2 yet)

Wild card: Looking forward to stuffing my face at Winterlicious starting Jan 26!


Listening to: Five Miles High – Mike Oldfield (Virgin). While not in the same class as Tubular Bells (what is?), still a great album, featuring the great Maggie Bell on vocals, and guest spots from Carl Palmer of ELP on drums, and Paddy Moloney of The Chieftains. What’s not to like?

New release: Promo of the new Black Moth album Anatomical Venus (New Heavy Sounds via Candlelight). This is heavy metal from a female perspective, with superb song-writing, and in Harriet Hyde, just the most sincere talented singer.

Non-metal: That has to The Cranberries’ “Linger”. So sad at the untimely death of Dolores O’Riordan this week. A kind sensitive talented soul, and a local girl to boot. Such a superb singer, especially live. You think as you get older you become immune to death, but her passing has put me, and much of Ireland in mourning. R.I.P Dolores; the light that burns brightest burns fastest.

Wild Card: A Stitch In Time on BBC4. History through fashion, presented by the wonderful Amber Butchert, a baroque Emma Peel.


Listening to: Manilla Road – Crystal Logic

New release: Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals – “Choosing Mental Illness As A Virtue” (Housecore, release date: January 26, 2018)

Live: Faith No More – “You Fat Bastards: Live at the Brixton Academy”

Non-metal: Kelis – “Milkshake” from the album Tasty

Wild card: Working on my band Trench Warfare’s album.


Listening to: Sixty Watt Shaman – Reason to Live (2002)

New Release: Black Space Riders – Amoretum Vol 1. (Black Space Records, releases January 26, 2018)


Listening to: Gentle Giant – The Power and the Glory (Capitol, 1974)

New release: Earth – Live at Third Man Records (Third Man, 2017)

Non-metal: Grdina/Houle/Loewen/Delbecq – Ghost Lights (Songlines, 2017)


Listening To: WormwitchStrike Mortal Soil (Prosthetic)

New Release: Primordial – “Stolen Years” – the first single off of the forthcoming Exile Amongst The Ruins (out March 30 on Metal Blade)

Non-Metal: Noah Gundersen – White Noise (Cooking Vinyl) – see single “Bad Desire”

Watching: Neighbour Roy web series. Comedy gold from a bunch of Dunnville, Ontario boys with ties to the local music scene!


Listening to: Warning – Watching From a Distance

New release: Hooded Menace – Ossuarium Silhouettes Unhallowed

Live: NYE in Columbus OH – The Obsessed, Devin Townsend Project, Clutch

Non-metal: Jonny Greenwood – The Master (soundtrack)

Wild card: Hunt for the Wilderpeople (dir. Taika Waititi)


Listening to: Asphyx – The Rack Anniversary Edition 2LP (Century Media, released Nov 17th, 2017). Two LP reissue features the original 1991 album on LP one, while the second record is the entire album covered by various metal bands, including Grave, Dan Swanö, Hooded Menace, Coffins and more.

New release: Haunt – Luminous Eyes EP (Shadow Kingdom Records, December 2017)

Live: Black SabbathThe End (4 February 2017 – Birmingham) blu-ray disc (Eagle Vision, November 17, 2017)

Non-metal: The Dream Syndicate – How Did I Find Myself Here? (Anti Records, 2017)

Wild Card: Chris Bell – The Complete Chris Bell 6LP boxed set (Omnivore Recordings, 2017)


Listening to:

Audrey Horne, Blackout (Napalm)
Portal, Ion (Profound Lore)
Couch Slut, “Babylon Sisters” (Steely Dan cover)
Charlotte Gainsbourg, Rest (Because Music)

Wild Cards:

Robert Rich, B. Lustmord, Stalker (Valley)
Zona: A Book About a Film About a Journey to a Room, by Geoff Dyer
Call Me By Your Name, direct by Luca Guadagnino


Listening to: Baphomet – The Dead Shall Inherit. Classic Buffalo death metal that is chock full of old school riffs galore.

New release: Probably my LP of the year… Hooded Menace – Ossuarium Silhouettes Unhallowed. Pure doom death greatness.

Live: Entombed – Live in Malmö. Three fifths of the original Entombed playing Clandestine in its entirety.


Listening to: Iron Maiden – Brave New World (2000)

New release: Corrosion of Conformity

Live: NYE in Columbus OH – The Obsessed, Devin Townsend Project, Clutch


Wild card: Anything by Ursula K. Le Guin – she may have left us, but her imagination lives on.


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