Borracho – Riffography


I’m never quite sure what to expect with these “B sides/demos” comps. I mean, I dig Borracho, but do I really wanna listen to 75 minutes of music that never made it onto an album (often with good reason)? Mind you, most of these songs had already seen the light of day, including a couple demos of tunes that would appear in very similar fashion on one of their albums. They’ve even got a Spanish version of a tune from their Splitting Sky album—after all, the band name does mean drunk en español.

Actually, I really dig this version of “Circulos Concentricos,” which is “Concentric Circles” in Spanish. The added Latin flair reminds me of a solid Argentinean outfit called Banda de la Muerte… I think you can figure out that one for yourself. Elsewhere, the band oozes sludge on “Rectify” and lays on the fuzz for “Mob Gathering,” delivering a decent doomy riff and catchy chorus on “Stockpile” … which also appeared on their 2013 album Oculus.

“Know the Score” grooves just as hard as it did on the aforementioned album, while “Know My Name” (taken from a split 7” with fellow hispanophiles Cortez) rolls and chugs along like an angrier Fu Manchu. “Fight the Prophets” is a nice, fuzzy number with an adequate amount of cowbell, whereas “Superego” is quite heavy on the wah. The previously unreleased “Border Crossing” is just as good if not better than the three songs the band contributed to the first Second Coming of Heavy, before they end things with a silly, fuzzy cover of the Scorpions’ “Animal Magnetism” that sorta channels Sons of OTIS. Cuz you gotta have at least one cover on these comps, amirite?

Hey, if you’re already a fan of the band, there’s no reason not to add this to your collection—unless you’ve got all their splits and singles already.

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