Doctor Who: Myths & Legends

Doctor Who Myths and Legends book coverEpic Tales From Alien Worlds

Written by Richard Dinnick

Illustrated by Adrian Salmon

It’s fair to say that Doctor Who is a magical thing, infinite and ever-changing (as I write this, we are soon to have our first lady Doctor Who, not our first lady Time Lord however – this was done as far back as the 70s with the character of Romana). Over the years a strong mythology for the Time Lords has developed, an entire Whoniverse, And of course, the Time Lords have their own myths and legends.

As with all the best Doctor Who stories, these tales relate to the world around us, and we can truly empathise with them. Richard Dinnick is an excellent writer who works on the Doctor Who comic and thus knows his subject well. Adrian Salmon is an excellent and most original illustrator, and the more of his work we see, the better.

Recommended for all Doctor Who fans.

Published by BBC Books.

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