The Night Flight Orchestra – Amber Galactic


Sometimes the degree of talent involved in a project leads you to expect that the said project will be at least as great, if not as good as the sum of its parts. Sadly, despite the competent musicianship displayed here (hence the five out of ten for that), this is music created by committee. The Night Flight Orchestra sound a bit like this band or that band, but to none of the same effect. This is very late 1970/1980s AOR-style music. The performances are competent but devoid of passion and feeling. At the end of listening to this album, you feel a computer program composed it, so bland and inoffensive is the music contained herein. It even features a saxophone! It’s all been done before and I couldn’t recommend this album to anyone who likes music with feeling. Disappointing.

(Nuclear Blast)

Line up:

Björn Strid | vocals
David Andersson| guitars
Sharlee D’Angelo| bass
Jonas Källsbäck| drums
Sebastian Forslund| guitars, percussion
Richard Larsson| keyboards

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5.0 Rating