BongCauldron – Binge


Hailing from the U.K. by way of the Ministry of Silly Names, this trio wears its Weedeater and Bongzilla influences on their sleeves—right down to their redneck nicknames. Corky, Jay and Biscuit of BongCauldron bring us eight tracks of downtuned heaviness on this, their debut album.

Binge begins with the simply titled “Devil,” with a fistful of fuzzy riffs that are right up Dixie Dave and company’s alley. With that said, the vocals are deeper and more decipherable, sounding more like Ben Ward of Orange Goblin. The more cryptic “Bury Your Axe in the Crania of” is more of a slow burn, sorta like Zoroaster in their early prime, with Conan-worshipping lyrics that would make The Gates of Slumber proud.

“68” is notably faster than its predecessors, a rollicking piece of sludge ‘n roll with High on Fire tempo verses and some seriously groovy chorus breakdowns. By contrast, the eight-and-a-half-minute title track is a slow, heavy roller, equal parts Sleep and Eyehategod, with a couple of sparse, vocal-driven sections backed by a military-style snare thrown in for added depressive ambiance. The extended instrumental riff that closes out this number had me headbanging in my computer chair… Fuck man, this is some good ol’ sludgy shit!

Release date: 30 November 2017.

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