AMATEUR CONCERT PHOTOGRAPHY HOUR: NEUROSIS/Converge/Amenra @ Danforth Music Hall, August 2, 2017

Have I already mentioned that the Danforth Music Hall provides a far superior sonic experience to the Opera House? I’ve seen Neurosis at the latter venue a couple times now, but this show blew those other two away. And yes, the supporting lineup–hardcore legends Converge and Belgian post-sludge disciples Amenra–contributed to the overall experience…but man, it really makes a difference when you can hear practically every nuance of every instrument!

Amenra started things off bright and early, taking the stage shortly before 7 for a solid 45-minute opening set. Neurosis liked these guys so much, they signed ’em to Neurot a few years back, and it’s not hard to see why they’d be the perfect supporting act. The only downside was that we could hardly hear the vocals–it didn’t help that their frontman had his back to the audience for almost the entire set.

While Amenra was by no means low energy (as the images above should illustrate), Converge certainly kicked the intensity up a notch with some speedier tunes. These dudes are getting a little older now–I think the last time I saw ’em was back in ’06–but they still deliver the goods live, ending with the epic title track off of Jane Doe. There were enough big, burly dudes between me and the pit that I was virtually unmolested…but I can imagine that they were throwing it down pretty good back there, too.

Neurosis definitely had the best vocal mix of the evening–no matter who was singing, they came through loud and clear. And Noah Landis’ keys and effects were much more prominent than the last couple times I saw ’em. And with the larger stage layout, I had a clear view of all the band members–except for Jason Roeder, who was lost in a sea of darkness and stage fog. (Flash photography was not permitted.) They delivered a 90-minute set mixing old and new, coming in just shy of the venue’s 11 pm curfew…and leaving no one disappointed when it was done. Although, I am gonna be seeing ’em again in Baltimore in October, and if they could play more than one song from Souls at Zero, that would be great. 😛

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