Deity – Deity

With a name like Deity (which means ‘Godhead; the Supreme Being; a fabulous god or goddess, a divinity’), this band have a lot to live up to, a self-imposed high water mark if you will.

One the whole Deity more than do their moniker justice. Moreover, while being true to their death metal roots (indeed this is a truly strong death metal album), there are strong influences from the more progressive albums of the mighty Metallica. Thus Deity have recorded some truly inspiring instrumental passages, whether as instrumentals or intros and codas, they really make Deity something special.

Guitarists and vocalists Daniel and Simon originally formed Deity 15 years ago, so, no good wine before its time!

Lyrically too, Deity are a step above any metal clichés. For instance, ‘Sacrificium Music’ is about people who treat you badly, and in the monumental lack of self-awareness so typical of the human race, blame you for their vile cowardly behaviour. We’ve all had experiences with people like that. The solution to the world’s problems lies at the micro-level of people taking responsibility for their own behaviour.

Overall, in terms of songs, skills, and sheer love of their music, Deity are an outstanding band who deserve a wide audience for their music.

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