Hellbound Staff Interrogation: Todd Owens

Hellbound first ran a series of staff interrogations to celebrate our second anniversary. Since then we’ve published a lot more metal coverage (and a little non-metal too), and our contributor list has continued to evolve. As we approach another birthday, this time marking eight years in action, we figured it was time to properly introduce some of the newer blood to our readers. Read the fourth installment of ‘Staff Interrogations, Revisited’ below.

Todd Owens

Location: San Francisco Bay Area

How did you get into metal reviewing and interviewing?

I was shooting my own Live videos and posting to YouTube for several years when Capital Chaos TV approached me to do interviews.

How did you get involved with Hellbound?

My buddy Gene Gaona started working for Hellbound and asked me to assist.

What’s your favourite piece of metal journalism?

Zero Tolerance

Heavy metal, thrash, black, death or doom?

Thrash (If I had to pick) then classic Death and Black.

What are some of your best concert memories?

Favorite memory is Dissection/At The Gates/Morbid Angel in San Francisco in 1995.

Best interview you’ve done do far?

Karl From Nile was good, Mille from Kreator was my first and Dave Lombardo was the coolest.

Interview you’d most like to score?

Tom Araya

The most underrated metal artist is:


The most underrated metal album is:

Oppressing The Masses (Vio-lence)

You are suspended in limbo for eternity and can only listen to five metal albums on repeat. What are they?

South Of Heaven/Slayer
Master Of Reality/Sabbath
The Bleeding/Cannibal Corpse