Green Meteor – Consumed by a Dying Sun


Now, I’m a sucker for that turn-of-the-century stoner/fuzz rock released on labels like Man’s Ruin and MeteorCity, and I’m kinda getting that vibe from this Philly outfit. Recommended for fans of Acid King and Hawkwind? Sounds like Green Meteor is right up my alley…

There is certainly a spacey theme throughout the five tracks that make up this debut album. “Acute Emerald Elevation” starts things off with an actual countdown, though this track doesn’t actually blast off so much as it rumbles into the void, a slow ‘n sludgy affair that does bring Acid King to mind. We actually get a second countdown before the vocals come in—and their singer certainly takes after Lori S. as well. That’s not to say this is purely Acid King worship… I’d say they also like listening to Sleep. And they throw in a couple Hawkwind-style synth flourishes for good measure.

“Sleepless Lunar Dawn” is longer (9:37), slower and maybe even slightly sludgier than its predecessor. My right speaker is full of all kinds of feedback on this track…but once again, the Acid King is strong with this one. Other tunes sound like a more lo-fi version of Lori S and company—after putting that Acid King imagery in my head in their press release, it’s hard to get away from making that comparison throughout. They do pick up the pace a bit on the last couple tracks—there’s that Hawkwind reference, I suppose—but only the title track really differentiates itself, and it too contains some slow ‘n heavy breakdowns right outta the ol’ playbook. One thing this record is missing is a bass-heavy sound—there’s a whole lotta distortion here, but these ears could use a little more low-end.

I’d still say that Green Meteor is a pretty decent female-fronted space-sludge outfit in its own right.

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7.0 Rating