Hellbound first ran a series of staff interrogations to celebrate our second anniversary. Since then we’ve published a lot more metal coverage (and a little non-metal too), and our contributor list has continued to evolve. As we approach another birthday, this time marking eight years in action, we figured it was time to properly introduce some of the newer blood to our readers. The return of Hellbound’s Staff Interrogations begins below.

Matt Hinch

Location: Forest Mills, ON

How did you get into metal reviewing and interviewing?

Way back in the day I wrote an Amazon review for Shiver by The Sabians. (Former members of Sleep. Check them out.) Around five years later I started my own blog, Kingdom of Noise, and started writing unrefined reviews and concert wrap-ups. It really started as a way to share the Top 25 of 200X emails some friends and I had been passing back and forth for a few years. I puttered away at that, just for fun really, until some people started paying attention. First was Adam “Doom” Sewell. He really encouraged me to keep going, get better, and get my name out there. Eventually more people started pushing me to expand, step it up, etc. including fellow Hellbounder, Craig Hayes. He showed me the ropes of the promo game and I “applied” to a couple sites and away we go!

How did you get involved with Hellbound?

One of the sites Craig told me to apply to was Hellbound. I’d been reading the site for a while (that’s how I knew Craig) but never really considered writing for anything but my own blog. Confidence issues, ya know. I sent Sean a link to my (lengthy) review of Titan’s BURN anyway and Sean was more than happy to have me join the team!

What’s your favourite piece of metal journalism?

That’s a tough one. The Titan review opened the doors so I am fond of that one. I did a stream of consciousness review of Lulu for my blog. That was fun. But perhaps my favourite is the Full Metal Parenting interview I did with Mike Scheidt of Yob. It was such an honour to talk with him. And we didn’t even talk about music much!

Heavy metal, thrash, black, death or doom?

Doom all the way. We’ll throw “stoner” under the same umbrella while we’re at it. A friend handed me three bands when I asked him about more bands like Clutch but heavier. Sleep, High on Fire, and Kyuss. I’ve never looked back.

What are some of your best concert memories?

Summer Sanitarium Tour at the SkyDome. First and only time I’ve seen Metallica and I told Fred Durst to “shut the fuck up and play!” from the third row. He did.

Sounds of the Underground Tour in Mississauga. So many great bands! Lamb of God, Clutch, High on Fire (I met Matt, Des and Jeff!), GWAR, etc. And I had a nap on the concrete warehouse floor during Chimaira’s set. There’s photo evidence somewhere.

Seeing Clutch for the first time (with Corrosion of Conformity and Mystick Krewe of Clearlight at the Opera House), Megadeth’s acoustic The World Needs a Hero release day show, Yob (tears!), every time I saw I Hate Sally, Slayer/Pantera at Copps Coliseum, the list goes on.

Best interview you’ve done so far?

Probably the Mike Scheidt interview. My Jamie Myers interview was cool too. I’ve done more bad interviews than good I feel. Plus I’ve done a couple that have never even gone to print! Wait, no! My interview with JP Gaster of Clutch!

Interview you’d most like to score?

I don’t really like doing interviews, to be honest. I don’t think on my feet and prepared questions are lame. I’d really like to sit around having beers with Clutch though. Same goes for Matt Pike, but without the beers.

The most underrated metal artist is:

I don’t read enough to know who’s not getting the coverage they should be these days but I don’t have some “old” band that I champion so I’ll go with the Sabians. Beauty for Ashes and Shiver are two of my all-time favourite albums and I don’t know of anyone else on the planet that ever listened to them.

The most underrated metal album is:

I’ll go with Shiver by the Sabians. It’s really a shame the band didn’t stay together after this one. Sigh.

You are suspended in limbo for eternity and can only listen to five metal albums on repeat. What are they?

Clutch – Clutch
Sleep – Dopesmoker
High on Fire – Blessed Black Wings
Kyuss – Welcome to Sky Valley
Black Sabbath – We Sold Our Soul For Rock ‘n’ Roll

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