Mokomokia + more at the the Mansion in Kingston

Live show at the Mansion in Kingston featuring Mokomokia from Peterborough and some local Kingston acts

Well, there’s no better way to spend a Friday evening than going to a local pub or bar to see some good live music, hang with some long time friends, and possibly have a few beverages if you are so inclined. These are this music lover’s thoughts anyway, and just maybe I’m not alone in this. Regardless, this was a good show to catch as it seems there are fewer and fewer bands coming to Kingston these days; who knows why, but when a show does come up it’s best for those of us around these parts not to miss it.

Glands were up first. They are a two piece (guitar/vocals & drums) and haven’t been around too long. Right from the get go most could tell this was going to be a comical set as the guitarist/vocalist was dressed as a nun. Songs on uncomfortable, inappropriate, gross and comedic topics, to say the least –it was fun, with lots of punk, garage rock and grunge sounds echoing off the rafters in the Mansion. They could remind one of, say, their younger brother’s friend’s band that you hate to admit aren’t half bad and can make a few people smirk or laugh at a show.

Foles of ’07 took the stage next. They also haven’t been around too long, maybe a year at tops. Another two piece – Carl Guitars (Vera Pearl) and Chris Drums (Pink Carnage, Liqourbox, Rozea Haven et al) – this band really had something brewing. At times you can hear sludge in the vein of, say, Pelican, the Melvins and even Crowbar. But the band also had a groove found in some of the best post hardcore and metallic offerings by the likes of Isis, Quicksand and Helmet. With all that said it is difficult to describe a sound that possesses so much power, emotion and catchiness. Chris’s grooving tempos and beats mix perfectly with Carl’s slow progressive riffs and angular playing style. That’s not to say it’s slow, because it’s not. What it is could be described as blissful heart wrenching neck snapping groovy loud music that has been much needed in the Kingston music scene.

Last up was the headliner Mokomokia hailing from the not to far away town of Peterborough. To these ears it is fairly clear that the band is influenced by retro and classic metal; you know, new wave of British heavy metal and late 70s early 80s type tunes. The vocalist sounds like a cross between Diamondhead, Angel Witch and Ian Gillan era Deep Purple, which is funny because they played a ripping cover of “Bloodsucker” by Deep Purple. So the vocalist has the high register goods that some might say are essential when playing this type of metal.

The band all clearly dressed the part in leather, tight jeans, big sneakers, some boots and jean vests. Also they all can play, which made the night a lot of fun for all in attendance. The speed metal and classic metal vibe had many headbanging and the occasional bumping but not grinding up front. When they played crowd favourite “Poison Whiptail” most knew the lyrics and were shouting right along, which is perfect when the night is mostly at an end and 80% of the concert-goers are five beers deep.

It was a fun and flashy set. This music fan will definitely have to listen to more from this southeastern Ontario four-piece.

Upcoming Mokomokai tour dates:

March 17th – Quebec City at Scanner
March 18th – Moncton at the Caveau
March 20th – Fredericton
March 22nd – Sydney – Little Vegas Showroom
March 23rd – Halifax at Gus’ pub
March 24th/25th – Saint John’s NL at CBTG’s
April 15th – Peterborough at the Pig’s ear Tavern (last month before they close!)
April 17th – Ottawa at House of Targ (anniversary show!)

More details and dates to be added.

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