Darkwell takes on Metropolis with Moloch (2016)

Have a taste for gothic metal, science fiction and silent film? If so, you might want to check out the latest from Austria’s Darkwell. The album, entitled Moloch, looks back to Fritz Lang’s science fiction classic, Metropolis (1927) for inspiration. An early taste of the new material arrived last August with the video for lead track “Yoshiwara.”

Released in the fall of 2016, Moloch arrives more than a decade after the last album from the band, Metat[r]on (2004). Original vocalist Alexandra Pittracher has returned to the fold – the most obvious, but not only, sign of continuity between Darkwell’s earlier recordings and what they’re doing now.

Darkwell released a second video from Moloch – the title track – this week. Story-wise, the band describes this song as a ‘prequel’ to “Yoshiwara,” and again, the visual and thematic debt to Metropolis is obvious.

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For more on Darkwell’s past, step back in time through this interview with bassist and founder Rolan Wurzer from 2005.

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