Geezer – self-titled

Hailing from the other Kingston (that would be in New York), this heavy-rock trio shoots from the hip on their Ripple Music debut with 52 minutes of bluesy riff rock. New Paltz is sinkin’ man, and I don’t wanna swim!

Leadoff single “Sunday Speed Demon” has a loose, 70’s garage-rock feel, with a few heavy riffs that recall Blue Cheer. “One Leg Up” has more of a psych-rock feel, with a fuzz-laden backbeat that brings Hawkwind to mind. “Sun Gods” is much more mellow…and lengthy, clocking in and nine-and-a-half minutes. This one is more along the lines of the smooth desert grooves of Yawning Man or Fatso Jetson. (On a related note, “Hangnail Crisis” certainly has shades of Kyuss.)

Tis not the only long song on here, however. “Bi-Polar Vortex” is just shy of nine minutes, while “Dust” is almost eight. Yet these are not Earthless-style jams; these songs are still structured, though they do tend to drag on just a tad. That said, there are enough quality heavy riffs here to tide you over for the duration.

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