The Great Sabatini/Godstopper split


Two of Eastern Canada’s preeminent noise-rock outfits collide as Montreal’s The Great Sabatini shares duties with Toronto’s Godstopper on this six-song, 17-and-a-half-minute split EP.

The Quebeckers are up first with a fistful of tracks, ranging from the slow ‘n heavy instrumentals (“I’m Not the Man of the Hour”) to spoken-word/harsh-noise interlude (“Shortwave Radio”) to some good ol’ fashioned Melvins worship (“The Ear Collector”), culminating in a stripped-down, acoustic rendition of the title track of their Dog Years record. I think I even hear a banjo here…

“Godstopper” comes crashing out of the gate with the Pantera-esque tough-guy breakdowns of “It’s Alright” serving a stark contrast to a lighter, airier vocal, before “A Prayer” takes us further down the doom-metal rabbit hole with a toxic waltz that culminates in a heavy, anguished chorus. Tis a quirky slice of Canadiana, to be sure.

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7.0 Rating