Devil to Pay – A Bend in Space and Time


Album number five from these Indiana stalwarts sees the band keeping with the cosmic themes of its predecessor, Fate is Your Muse. But this time, the lyrics seem more grounded in reality, including the Lemmy tribute track “Your Inner Lemmy” where Devil to Pay certainly channel one Mr. Kilmeister.

This record starts off on a faster note, with “On and On (In Your Mind)” showing signs of High on Fire and Mastodon. “Don’t Give Away the World” settles into a grungy groove, before “Kobold in the Breadbasket” takes things into even doomier territory, with a touch of Apostle of Solitude.

“Laughingstock” shows shades of The Obsessed, while “Recommended Daily Dosage” takes the riff from AC/DC’s “Dirty Deeds” and plays it in double time before slowing things down for a doomy chorus. And then again, there’s “Your Inner Lemmy,” which combines elements of a few classic Motorhead tracks to pay tribute to the man himself. Anthemic on its own, it also makes up one-tenth of a pretty solid album.

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7.5 Rating