Mos Generator – Abyssinia

mos generator abyssinia album cover


I was a pretty big fan of Mos Generator’s last album, Electric Mountain Majesty, which was released in 2014. It was a solid blend of retro-rock and proto-doom that’s got me jonesing for the follow-up, Abyssinia.

This one starts off nice ‘n heavy right outta the gate, with a great-big Swedish-style stoner rock riff in opening track “Strangest Times.” A vicious drumbeat underpins the Monster Magnet attack of “You’ve Got a Right,” which comes complete with a groovy, catchy chorus. “Easy Evil” hits like a ton of bricks, with some slow ‘n heavy riffage that’ll get yer head nodding.

The headbanging continues on the heavy riffs of “Wicked Willow,” which only kick in after a mellower verse. “There’s No Return from Nowhere” adds some additional heaviness towards the end of the record, sounding a lot like earlier, slower High on Fire—before taking an unexpectedly mellow passage turn halfway through. I think I even hear a synthesizer…

The guitar tone on this record is almost perfect, a subtle blend of grit and fuzz that screams stoner rock. Whether served up fast or slow, all of these tracks are unquestionably heavy. It’s lacking a bit of that Vitusean crunch of its immediate predecessor, but Abyssinia is still a very solid listen.

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7.5 Rating