Wrong – self-titled


This Miami noise-rock outfit features former members of Torche and Kylesa, but musically, Wrong are more like Unsane or the Melvins’ old-school slowcore, with just a dash of punk rock fury. Either way, you can’t really go wrong…

Their self-titled Relapse debut has 11 tracks clocking in at an even half-hour; when it comes to song titles, they’re very much in the Unsane school of brevity. Opening track “More Like” measures just 1:17, but grindcore this is not—a slow, crunchy noisenut-butter sandwich. “Turn In” adopts a mid-tempo, punk-rock pace, with a couple squeaky stop-starts thrown in for good measure, before delving into a deep breakdown somewhere past the 30 second mark, where it sets the dial to Melvins levels of depravity…then kicks it up again into a speedy solo. This one’s all over in just shy of three minutes.

“Read,” a 90-second stomper with a repetitive, one-word refrain, is much more akin to the Cro-Mags, while “Entourage” has a much brighter tone a la At the Drive-In. And no, there ain’t any Jeremy Piven soundclips here. “Hum Drum” roars and rages like Black Flag circa 1984, while the groovy stomp of “Stasis” is more like mid-90’s Alice in Chains. Nothing wrong with any of that, at all.



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8.0 Rating