Wo Fat – Midnight Cometh


We’re already onto album number six from this heavy Texas trio, their most recent being 2014’s The Conjuring. These guys have stuck to a simple formula, chucking out a six-pack of lengthy, heavy jams almost every time out, often saving the longest, trippiest track for last. From first glance, this record is no exception—and I certainly ain’t complaining.

We start off with one such epic track, “There’s Something Sinister in the Wind,” which launches into some solid southern grooves almost right away. There’s shades of their Texas forbearers ZZ Top here, but also some interesting percussion adding an otherworldly effect to a gnarly verse. The five-minute “Riffborn” wastes no time in getting down to brass tacks, a more up-tempo number than brings Monster Magnet to mind.

On this record, the longest song actually comes third, with the 11-minute “Of Smoke and Fog,” a slow-mo, swirling psychedelic blues tune somewhat akin to a few Sons of OTIS jams. This is mellow music to nod out to…which is why they typically put this type of number at the end of their records. Granted, it does kick up the tempo a bit, resulting in some of the driving rhythms the band has been cultivating its whole career.

From there, we get the up-tempo stomp offset by mellow blues verses of “Le Dilemme de Detenu” (a tune which, unfortunately, isn’t sung in French), the fast-paced, raucous grooves and laid-back blues solo of “Three Minutes to Midnight” and finally, “Nightcomer,” which does for this album pretty much what “Dreamwalker” did to its predecessor (despite being a few minutes shorter).

Hey, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right?

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7.5 Rating

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